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The Peculiar Goldfish

I swallowed a goldfish.

It was rather sudden and strange.

I was curious to see what lay at the bottom of the bowl,

And when I lifted it up, there it was.

A frantic flash of orange.

Feeling thirsty,

I drank it all.

And that's how I swallowed the goldfish.

It's alive within me,

For I can felt it stir.

It's like the sense of foreboding,

Slithering about in me.

I could feel it travel down to my stomach,

If you touch my navel,

You can hear the rumble.

Maybe a goldfish can turn anything into the unknown flowing river.

It's like my little friend,

It's taken on my language too,

I have to breathe more heavily now,

For the water within me needs to survive.

It's told me all about the rivers,

How forlorn and lonely they sound.

Dark, and full of terrors,

Not enough light to see the colors it can see;

Green, blue and red!

Oh and beware, for it can see,

Even the ultraviolet of dead.

It hears strange sounds all day,

Or maybe that's just the pressure of my breathing on its fins,

But these sounds, sound like another it said,

And another two,

No wonder I feel heavy as lead.

Sometimes it travels all the way to my brain,

Moving around, swimming, searching.

What do you search for tiny goldfish?

"I see the thoughts and ideas,

Taking colors of the river, weeds and sky,

Each part, its own color,

But they flash so much,

I'd soon have a seizure!"

Take rest goldfish,

Go to sleep, I say.

Rise with me, another day.

"No no, I must keep swimming,

The space is too vast with no escape.

I was put in a bowl once,

Not again;

And till the end from this circular dance

I shall not refrain"

And I read to it all night,

Watch stories on the fauna of rivers.

It flinches at the sight of my cat,

And flutters, insistently for worms and insects.

So I had to eat them,

For I have to feed what's within me,

I'm my own companion,

And I'm my own enemy.

Worms and insects.

And that's why I had to kill my cat,

It kept clawing and scratching at my belly.

Sometimes pawing inside my mouth,

Another hungry predator.

I just put it down at the nearby lake,

Where the goldfish says it's from.

It told me, I must, for its my friend now,

And I had to listen, to it's plea, so forlorn!

But it's been three months,

And the goldfish has forgotten me.

It's trying to escape vehemently.

It's clawing at me,

"Let me out, let me out!"

I didn't know goldfish had teeth,

But then, somethings were bound to be like me.

And so I'm here,

Help me, doctor!

For I don't want to lose my friend.

Shock it if you want,

But make it remember,

Without its existence, I'm just a dead end.

'Alas, she's not progressed a bit,

Still talks incessantly about the goldfish.

If you must save her,

We must put restraints,

Lest she escapes herself or hurts another.'

Oh, no! Goldfish,

They don't understand,

We are bound together, forcibly now.

I feel like I'm in the bowl with you,

Once again, we can only move,

In the confines of this space.

Ah, but now we have time to know another.

Let me tell you all about yourself and me!

Oh wait! here comes another,

The more the merrier, the more the glee.

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1 Comment

Wow. Awesome read! the ending reminded me of Shutter Island movie.

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