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The Epicenter

Sometimes your crossroads

seem to be the spokes of a

very intricate circle.

When the possibilities seem cripplingly endless,

the end seems hauntingly close

and the beginning too far to begin with;

what could just be the

complexity of paths emanating from a single point

could turn abruptly

into a bounded,

almost absolute occlusion

that looks like a spider's web

from the center -

which is where you are standing,


held in place

by the many strings that tug at you

each equally and in opposite directions

such that Newton's reality

becomes your nemesis.

It's difficult to see beyond

the lines that extend right under

your nose,

from your navel,

from your feet,

yet more from your forehead,

and yet what you cannot see

is that while you're confined

to the 3d reality version of yourself,

a simpler being

perceives you being surrounded

by warmly-hugging lines

in 2D

just as a

sturdy wheel

And fatefully,

that inspires it to then discover geometry

and start perceiving 3D

and then become entrenched

in this intricate wheel of a web.

While that happens,

you still have a lot of time

to move into each of those lines

and paths

and lives

and reach the circumference of this circle

and the radius of another.

Take a deep breath.

It's all geometry,

sacred, divine,


extremely difficult to compute,


But don't get sucked into computing it,

for then you'd forever be the simple

being that computes in 2D

and maintains the veil,

never becoming.



for each of the lines

is just an extension of you

if you can feel along them enough,

you'd know which epicenter to pursue,

which path to follow,

which new circle to start.

Take a deep breath

and see the divine geometry that you hold

within the palms of your hands now,

all the lines exist only

in those already etched in your hands

in multiplicities

and you'll start to unravel the pattern

of the secret lapis lazuli

that tantalizes with the alchemy

that it was birthed with

and maybe then you'd know that

no matter which path you choose

no matter what line you follow

and which new circle you create,

you would be revolving around the same center

you've tried so hard to


or maybe just keep unobtrusively

to the side.

But a center can never take sides.

Now you know:

you stay or you move,

and no matter how you move,

the wheel will turn


the epicenter is within you.

Wheel on a cart

Image Courtesy: Self: wanderings in a summer noon.

Geometry is the journey. The journey is the destination. The destination is the departure. The departure creates Geometry. All revolve around the epicenter.

"If you have to ask, you’ll never know. If you know, you need only ask." - J.K. Rowling. Also in part by - RHCP (If you have to ask), Louis Armstrong (when talking about jazz).

Happy Sunday!

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