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Opera of the Wolf Moon

It's rising,

Inching closer and closer,

To the center,

Of what we call vision.

A part of darkness,

Solid, scarred;

Almost scared of light.

It knows but to reflect it.

It carries within a strange pull,



As it rises, so does water,

So does water within us.

We know only the hunt,

The chase, the taste of blood.

Hungry, hungry, hungry,

Always hungry for more.

Dark night is our friend,

And our home.

Oft a misshapen mass of shapes,

Sometimes this orb is full.

And as it rises through the sky,

Our insides writhe like the sea.

The agony of breath,

Pull pull pull,

It's like a prey

we cannot resist,

We cannot reach,

We cannot devour,

We cannot.

Ah, how we love the chase,

Hate the wait,

Come to, come to,

Take us to you.

Run run run,

We run to the highest cliff.

It's high, high, high

Maybe there we'll fly.

All the while it rises,

Tantalizing us to madness,

All that's left is the prey,

All that's needed is the blood of the moon.

Leaps and bounds,

And we're here at the cliff,

Now, It's right in the center

Of darkness.

Of our innards.

Of our desires.

Oh how do we reach this prey!?

Mouths watering,

Water inside flows out to It,

But nothing,


Overcome by mad longing,

One of us,

Charges, charges, charges

Leaps off the cliff.

How desperate, on looks the Owl.


Yellow moon eyes, help!


And he's dead.

Abject desperation,

For a prey that's within us,

That we can never devour.

Moon shine,

you stir our dark.

And driven to madness,

Desire for something never ours,

We howl.

Opera of the Wolf Moon,

Eerie to the ear.

All species feel this unrequited hunger,

Shivering with our crescendo.

To each, this cry sounds like their own,

Guttural, raw,

Morphing them into us for the night,

This howl is our voice within you,

Our voice, your innards,

All our water, desiringthe moon.

Wishing they were the wolf,

Were the wolf,


Desire drives union,

In spirit.

And we're all one,

For this one night.

Mere characters in this

Opera of the Wolf Moon.

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