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All of me is never enough.

For all the spaces that echo within you.

Did you know?

Hell is in fact empty.

And what haunts in hell

Are the ghosts of your own resonance.

Ever sat in silence and breathed in?

Even air makes its presence felt

In the realm of echoes.

One breath,

Feels like many,

And soon;

You’re lost between the echoes of the breath you’d taken

And the breath you’re taking.

And so, you hold your breath

Till the echoes of wailing air stop.

But by then you’re almost lifeless.

And when life enters u again with gasps,

It resounds like painful reminders.

And now you’re lost between what was,

And what never was;

While creating what is,

And what wouldn’t ever have been.

Vast emptiness.

It stretches beyond your ear.

Seeping into you:

Almost a physical hollow.

Like a dried up sea.

All barren land,

Bearing ridges of the once live flow in its memory.


The spaces inside you.

They lured me in,

Anticipation of the emptiness to be filled

Was too much for mere water to overlook.

And as I gushed in,

I realized it was a mere nook of nothing;

Overlooked, forgotten;

Years of ignorance, arrogance, neglect;

Building it up into an able well,

Where I now drown unto myself.

And you can’t even hear me;

As I navigate the emptiness

Of what you once called your soul.

Yet you’re porous

And I’m absorbent;

So I won’t rest, but seep into you,

And then seep out;

In tears and


Maybe then,

You will wonder where it lay within,

And try to reach into your own echoing corridors.

That’s all they need really,

Your essence to fill them up again;

So darling,

While I’m still filling in,

Won’t you come swim with me?

When something hurts, face it; lest you're soon left alone: a shell without a face. When something hurts another, stand by; support, but don't attempt to solve; lest you become another's solution and then having been unknown to yourself, your worst problem. Ever felt like you need to "fix" someone or something? That's you trying to fill in your own shoes by being in another's to escape yours. Stop. Breathe. Before getting lost in someone's emptiness, remedy yours. The world beyond emptiness is full.

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