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Bulimia Nervosa

There is an all consuming void inside me



Eat it says

Eat up the rice

The fries

The coke

Chomp on the meat

Some cake

Some syrup

Nothing is enough,

No spice no sugar

It burns to need

That which is worse.

Born out of my own self

The void has consumed me,

And now everywhere I see is skin

My body stretches beyond me.

I purge, but cannot stop,

push fingers down my throat and up comes food,

swallow tablets to move it out,

but nothing works once its started.

I'm hungry still,

But cannot move

So how do I get to the food?



screams my brain, my body, my veins

Get me a trillion cookies

With a gallon of milk

Candy, burger, fries, meat!

Even raw meat!

But I cannot move.

Yet as I look on desperately

My sight narrows on pink flesh

And I grab a scoop out of my beefy leg

And eat.

A rare steak.

Strange how u barely feel pain,

When you overindulge in satisfaction.

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