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Updated: Aug 2, 2020

A shimmer. The soft silk of skin.

Oh! It's endless. The sinew of her legs.

The dull lights reflect off her back

Oh! It's bare. It's damp. It beckons.

She flips her hair, fishes for her phone.

Her neck's visible, so brown, so golden.

And then she sees me.

I can read the panic in her eyes.

And somehow it turns me on.

She calls someone and turns away, deliberately.

Oh! Don't I love this game?

She's picking up pace, her legs a blur of milky skin.

Oh! Where do you go?

I'm blinded by desire. Desire to touch her flesh.

Desire to tear open her clothes and see what lies within.

And so I run too.

Why her? Because she just happened to be there.

Because she was alone.

She's beautiful. She's young, she's attractive.

She's​ a dreamer. Dreaming of a life.

Dreams of independence and freedom.

And somehow, this turns me on.

And now, I'm blinded by desire. I wish she'd desire me.

But I'm nothing to her.

An inconsequential man. A commoner.

Oh! But today her body is mine.

With any luck I'll put my seed into her, and it will grow.

As I throw away her phone and pin her down, she fights.

Oh! She's feisty. She's juicy.

Her cries, her screams, they turn me on.

She's begging for help, but there's​ no other man here but me.

Humans avoid us, it's late anyway.

I slap her.

Why? Oh, because I'm tired of her resistance.

I tear open her clothes with my teeth.

Oh! I'm so hard.

Her eyes dilated with fear, her mouth stretched in a scream.

A little blood from her fall on her head.

With one hand I Undo my clothes too.

Her resistance has decreased.

Maybe it's fear, maybe she has accepted me finally.

Maybe her body has given up.

Oh! No. No. Aaaaah! It hasn't.

Oh this feeling of possession.

She silently stares at me, tears streaking her bloodied face.

So beautiful, so meek. So mine.

I'm done.

I have conquered another woman today.

Another beautiful woman to my name.

Oh! What a glorious day.

Wait. She's running again.

Haha! I'm surprised she can move after my thrusts.

Now I panic. Now I'm afraid.

What if?

So I catch up with her a second time.

Oh! Her beautiful neck.

I crush it till her eyes roll.

What a waste! She could have just shut up to survive.

I throw her in the sewer nearby.

Her phone follows.

I'll keep her bag though. And money.

One for my wife, one for my kids.

Tonight is almost over. I should sleep.

With her sweet smell on my person.

Oh well​, I'll find another tomorrow.

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I have never read a poem from a different point of view. Amazing!


Apr 16, 2020

This poem's unique point-of-view is startling and poignant. :/

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