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17 - Never Again!


On your hands and knees.

Bent, back curved like the U-bend.

Looking down, the hard ground.

17 inches down.

You've cried your part,

Any more and the ground will start moving,

And water will submerge you.

Nothing around,

nothing above,

nothing below.

Take away your hands,

And it's a free fall to broken teeth.

Take away your legs,

And you hit the floor.

It's been so long,

You're arched like this.

What's water and what's sweat,

Only you could know.

Don't let the distance close.

17 inches to losing

the only one worth being saved.

Look up, LOOK UP!

17.6 inches just by the upward tilt of your head.

Strong hands holding the ground,

Strong shoulders holding you.

Strong knees bracing you.

How is it, that your vessel is stronger than your essence?


Arch your back,

Stretch so much that the bend smoothens itself.



Fill yourself with nothing,

Let out the weight.


Keep looking up, You're a panther.

No hunter can hurt the majestic beast within.

Brush off the wound on your soul,

Lick it clean, lick it clean;

And it will heal.

Is that all you're worth?

17.6 inches?


Get up, claim your height.

The distance between you and the ground is not enough.

Pull your feet in,

Knees to the chest,

You're prowling, oh yes, you're pacing yourself.

There's no hurt, no pain, only fierce vision,

Focused on increasing the 17.6.

Stop pushing the ground with your hands,

and stand up!

Your hands aren't meant to be trodden with.

They create, they lift, they build.

Look down again,

17.6 many times over.

That's what one leap covered.

You've created this space out of nothing,

Claimed this space out of nothing.

Expand. Claim more. Rise more.

And promise yourself darling,

17 - never again.

Is the distance between you and the ground, enough?

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