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You, who?

I see you,

looking through the looking


for all the ways you agree

to keep up the farce

of who you chose to be

in years past.

Pining at the

overturned clock

as it mocks


distorted yet moving ahead;

same language differently said.

But hey,

you're hearing what they say without them being there.

How is it fair? that your thoughts paralyze you as you analyze them in voices of men who echo their silence

into screeching sirens

to drown out

the sound

of the joy you never found.

Did it ever occur to you

they're debilitated too and everyone is just searching

for another

to discover what they have lost,

not to find

what's probably always on their mind,

but to blame

and shame

for their own failure to play the game.

Look at you,

trying to hide

what's inside

if only to fit in

their skin

ill-fitting in its cycles of sin,

crawling out of yours

an animal on all fours

chasing its tail

for spinning circles

cannot fail

in foolproof design.

There's no end to the line

that you didn't have the courage to define.

Why do you keep

moving away

to be the one who doesn't want to stay,

an ostrich with its head

in the sand cannot see the land that grows lush meadows

just beyond its grave

a tombstone that reads "A slave to the brave".

You haven't stepped too far

from the door

you left ajar walk in,

or maybe just peek


for someone new

waits to come

into view

it's the one that grew

and did pursue

a life outside the queue

the one they couldn't subdue there's no magic trick there aren't two,

the one that came through, is You.

Image courtesy: Lesser known {free} corners of the internet.

“A normal person sees a failed experiment, a scientist sees progress.”

Steven Magee

Here's to a quick experiment that I've decided to publish before I change my mind. Quite a bit rough around the edges, but hey, we owe it to ourselves to try - as the piece with the oddest rhyme scheme I've ever written illustrates!

Do keep sending in your feedback and messages, really helps shave off the rough edges and in some cases build from scratch! Have a reflective Sunday :)

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