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Transparent boundaries

Do we really get through to one another?

Disjointed with selves,

Within reach,

Without access.

Barriers of illusion,

Or is illusion the barrier?

For we're together,

Yet do not blend.

Sand in water.

Maybe one of us is heavier,

And settles down,

While the other remains afloat,

Connected, yet disjoint.

Is it me,

who's destined for longing looks?

For if this boundary opened,

You could blend with me,

And I wouldn't even know its open,

For I can only perceive it,

Be restrained by it,

Not see it.

Transparent boundaries,

Invoke helpless misery, untethered hope.

For I can almost touch,

But not quite.

Clearly see,

But not quite.

But I cannot tear myself away,

For the sight is captivating.

And maybe if I stay long enough,

It will dissolve.

For what can't be seen,

But can be seen through,

Cannot hold its form forever.

Either within itself,

Or in our desires.

I could see you, but your transparent boundaries were solid enough for it to be a mere show.

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