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Tender snowy blooms.

Bees sucked in frozen nectar;

Sky darkens 'fore dusk.

Rumbling skies caution.

Spiteful crows caw from cracked walls;

Slain dove falls wingless.

Austere wings distort -

Red stains white in black letters;

Silence cuts debris.

Never feigns silence.

Talons turn to carving knives;

Cuckoo's easter eggs.

Supple eggs break down.

Clouds trip over jagged rocks;

Spilled yolk now spreads hope.

Fanned hope chimes twelve;

Half past day still less than night,

Clocks break to chaos.

Ocean waives chaos,

Rocks regorge from porous holes;

Crabs rendered homeless.

Red crabs shed armor -

Pink flesh is sore when released.

Achromic atoms.

Monochrome flashes.

Borders merge with raging seas;

Whispered farewells lost.

Arpeggios, loose.

Empty Easter eggs make dust,

Nightingale cries out.


Faces blur to one-eyed smiles,

Bridges convey boats.

Endings break bridges.

Boats float out in open seas;

Starry skies are blue.

Image Courtesy: Metamorphosis/Transformation of Object for Art Class (Weebly) - As an exercise in creating lasting impressions and unearthing the vividity of imagination, often students in art class are asked to willfully transform objects into yet unrelated forms. The beauty of such a transformation - It not only makes sense ONLY once complete, but also renders obvious to the mind that, which till such moment, seemed almost ludicrous.

As T.S Eliot eloquently puts it -

"For last year's words belong to last year's language

And next year's words await another voice.

And to make an end is to make a beginning."

Here's a series of 12 Haikus that attempt to illustrate the year past, a 2022 wrapped if you will, while tying back to the theme of the year itself: Transformation, in action. This year - a lot has moved around, a lot lost, a lot gained, and a lot broken to be rebuild. All in all, life has been eventful, and as we transition from one calendar to the next, I hope we find the courage to create, the will to transmute and the balance to merge it all in harmony for lasting impact.

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

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