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The Fragmented Prism

There she comes,

With an entourage of colors

Embracing her body.

Everything is naked,


Yet there is only beauty that befalls the eye:

Incredible, impossibly magnetic, beauty.

What is beauty, but the color we most desperately seek?

The apparent symmetry of that which is almost perfect.

Look upon her and you see,

The color that only you need.

She’s a rainbow in one,

But a monotone to each,

What color then, is she?

To me, she’s the color of the

Almost pubescent moon in the recovering crimson sky.

Bidding goodbye to the light by taking it all in,

To shine brighter

She’s the color of the brown earth,

that sticks to the sole when it rains.

Persistent in grip, for it doesn’t know

That’s it is, but dust;

bound only by the transient water.

She’s the color of the black cat’s framed green eyes,

Piercing emeralds,

That look through you to the hidden dirt you carry

And you quiver at the translucence in both fear,

And awe.

Yet what color is she,

To her own existence?

For the mirror bests her at her own games

And she is but a fragmented prism.

For beauty is the color we seek, in the spectrum of infinity. Do you know, no two of us ever see the same color? My perception of blue will be slightly different than yours, as will be my perception of beauty, love and all else in this world. So then what is the color in another that attracts us? And which part of our spectrum does it fit in? This question is the one we can ask of ourselves in all our human relationships to understand what truth lies underneath. Is it a trauma bond? Is it a toxic codependency? Is it a transactional reverence? Is it a subordinate and master dynamic? And if it’s none of the many patterns of humanity we have established, then is it a mere light in a prism - refracting into colors as we may want/need to perceive them? Endless possibilities: the beauty of humanity. And so, once we see the color we see in someone, what about the color they see in themselves? So many of us see ourselves only as colors painted on us by others we find relevant. In that mix, which one is which? And how does your color spectrum correlate - into new shades or a bold mess of the rainbow?

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