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Ouroboros of love

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Been a while since I've been around you.

And it probably will be more.


More is what I desire.

Desire deeper than water.

Not like the waterfall, nor the river, nor the rain;

But like somewhere in the middle of an ocean.

Serene, dripping in solitude,

Surrounded by unknown,

Speaking in the language of the earth,

Soul monologues.

Monologues are all we have now,

For now we cannot speak to one another.

We speak more with our eyes than our words.

Words, are all I have, to take your heart away.

Away, the very physical location you inhabit now.

Now, the present that past took away from us.

Us, the forever.

Forever, like your eyes.

Eyes that fill with tears.

Tears that tear me apart.

Apart like we're doomed to be,

Be: like we exist,

Exist like we had Been.

As the ending morphs into the beginning,

Creating a continuous loop,

Hope renews like the seasons crossing by.



Forgive me, like I have forgiven fate.

And smile with your eyes twinkling,

Like they used to when we...

If ever, ever, your heart hurts,

Then as you sink into the ocean,

Just think of me.

My soul will find you,

Through thick and thin,

Through meters of deep water,

Through the silent depths,

And we will share a dialogue.

In our warmth, forever along the true surface of the earth,

In the beautiful depths we call home.

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