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Nestle me

Nestle me in your shadows darling,

The sun has been on me too long.

I need not heat but warmth.

Heal me with your heart's song.

Don't worry, my Love;

This spirit is not weak,

There's fire that's burning,

Passion churns,

Only this heart's a bit meek.

Take me in your arms love,

These arms remain barren;

Since the heart was trodden upon,

And lost its spirit, daring.

Now they yearn for a part of themselves.

For the heart now moves,

Only for a love of unknown depths.

I need not space, within you,

For I have mine without.

I want your hand in mine,

Our selves, syncing together as one,

Same strides, similar vision.

That even the sun's rays cannot come between us,

And our shadows merge as one.

Nestle me then, in these singular shadows love,

For we have many steps to climb.

We'll walk forth together,

Our two rights and two lefts,

Synced rhythms, sweet melodies.

One right will carry forth,

If the other gets weak;

A misstep won't be a fall,

But a supported leap.

For this love, oh, Love!

This love.

This love will live with us,

And like us, will be perfectly incomplete.

A heartfelt ode to a love felt yet un-understood, a love yet to be created but always there, a love of paradoxes, a love of dichotomies, a love so supreme, that completeness doesn't complete it, for it is a love born of the imperfect eternity.

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