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Love Story

Frigid air,

Stands heavy.

Still like a corpse in the meditation of unity.

Water’s lost to ice in its cold touch.

Water’s still warm within,

But morphs a part of it;

For only it’s smooth ice,

Can mirror the burning cold of air

This mirror shows the air; itself.

And the air cannot but see its nothing,

Reminded of the sun it promised itself,

Of how, when it let the water flow;

It didn’t break and fall in a million snowflakes;

But found itself without the need for a form.

Everything holds form when cold,

Yet all that holds form is brittle;

And all that’s brittle, shall break.

And so, in the great expanse of the mirrored ice,

Air finds but a brittle form of rock solid ice

Where once lay it’s great love.

So air lets down the weight,

The light finds more space to set a home for its warmth.

Water thaws, and flows with the flying air.

"And it is in this mist,

That we first loved another."

If this question had a single answer, life would be much simpler! There’s no ideal to anything in life. Here’s your end of weekday reminder - there’s nothing called an ideal weight, ideal body, ideal work, ideal money, ideal hobby NOTHING. The word ideal only exists in the circle of expectations, which u can choose to be unbound by, when in pursuit of your own truth. The prose in slides is a love story beyond our form, of the base elements that make us all and how in love, these lovers go through cycles of death and rebirth together, for nothing, not even love is ever a constant. So then how do I know my live is forever? The answer that plagues each of us, in each of our partnerships - the ability to forge a forever love is the ideal we set for ourselves. In this deep pursuit of a weapon to ensnare time to submission - we forget the now and live rapidly flipping between past and future, trying to build the perfect potential from broken bits of the past while forgetting that the now doesn’t need building. It just needs existence, it needs awareness and vulnerability. It needs not an extension of itself into forever but the ability to perceive itself as today. And when today exists, flow exists. Is this the ideal relationship then, the one within today? No/Yes/Maybe. If you need ask, you will never know; If you know, you will never need to ask. (May sound familiar to my fellow Harry Potter fans) Happy days, keep true!

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