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There you are

Sitting on the bench

Cradling your phone

Like you wish you were.

Your thumb caressing

A million words.

All alone.

Bent like a fetus

That folds on to itself

Before it’s ever held.

Maybe because it wasn't.

Neck dropping to the navel

In a desire

To be cocooned again.

There you are

Standing against a wall

Listening to your friends

Talk about their stories

With all the attention

You pilfered from yours.

Too afraid to ask for

What you're petrified to offer.

There you are

A glass of whiskey

And a little ice

Hands numb with the cold

That reaches your brain

Just enough

For the warmth to seep

Outside you.

There you are

Laughing at a man

Who makes mockery

Of misery for a living

In hopes that laughter

Will shake up the grave


There you are

Screening people off screens

For a life of hope

Yet trading it in

For a night of desire

Getting naked

Without dropping your layers

Returning with nothing

But the imprint of skin.

There you are

Filling every moment of your day

With screaming screens

Triggering jingles and words

Cramming in till the uvula

Only to be regurgitated

In the very conversations

Your friends

Don’t want to have

But have to

Because they too have a lot stuck in

Their throats.


There you are

On a Sunday noon


Am I

Where should I be?

Image Courtesy: Sketch series: A man bending over - Theo van Doesburg

Do you ever feel as though you're present, but still spluttering in the fomo (fear of missing out)? It's a constant feeling of not being where you should be because once you are where you are, it already seems irrelevant, unnecessary and possibly even boring.

The result maybe non-presence and consequentially a need to be over-present while battling with memories or desires of possibly another present. If our minds had gps, and people could access it, we would seldom be in the location our body is in! And the effects of this locational difference are not only positional but also conceptual and neurologically lasting - something that is too vast to cover here especially when today, I wander across several locations myself.

Since today morning, I've been from Venice to Hyderabad, from admiring cherry blossoms to understanding Huberman's take on sugary drinks and hedonic self, from swimming pools to heated pools in Shimla, from Japan's street food to Mumbai's vada pao and more.

In maybe less than fifteen minutes of making breakfast, tidying up, sitting and eating, I have switched my locations across the globe all while wondering across a less than 500 sft area with a screen in my hand.

The prose above seeks to directly speak to the reader and maybe spark a sense of understanding of their sense of location as they go through the motions of this weekend and more. This Sunday, join me in wondering if you are where you should be, if you should be anywhere at all, and then maybe, is should even the right reference point..

Happy Sunday!

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