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Audience vs Partner

We Love love!

What we oft don't comprehend is, is it even love? Or is it that you've found a good audience to be with yourself?

Having been in relationships for a considerable amount of lifespan, I was bound to think about this sooner or later! There's so many of us that are scared of being alone, literally, scared of spending time with ourselves because do we even know who we are without feedback? It's so easy to spend time with others - lovers, friends and derive your self-image or worth from their acceptance of who you are.

Some of us even enjoy putting on a show - we chose to be the 'funny ones', 'critical ones' 'one with an opinion' 'one who doesn't like coffee' etc. So essentially, some of us need an audience, not a partner. And of course, you're going to say - that's not me. And it'll be immensely awesome if it isn't! However, mostly, being in a relationship is seldom a choice at this level and more a coping mechanism - to have a continued audience to entertain and derive entertainment from.

However, when your sense of self is defined or at least you have one, you start realizing that what you need is a partner, a person with whom you share and grow.

Not one, in front of whom you have to continually derive self worth, but one who is an appendage, a catalyst to your already burning flame. And of course, the difference between an audience and a partner may just be - self-love. . . .

So, my love, Do you need an Audience or a Partner?

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Partner is also someone you want to play this game of life with. A companion, a confidante, a friend. Somone who helps you uncover the world outside and also find your true self. Ofcourse, the companion is doing the same for him/herself

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