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Dialogue distortion in space

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

What if we use physical space to showcase the incoherence of thought?

Will the product be incoherent? Or will it convey the origin of thought itself, the origin of feelings, and the conjunction of both into words?

Or is distortion in thought a result of too much space?

Within this dialogue between the poet and the muse, she tries to pen down the thoughts exactly how they came to her. Is the end a conclusion of the original thought? Or is the end the original thought leading to interim incoherence because of dissonance with feelings? Here's a foray into spatial poetry, feel free to critique!

There's a tangiblestoicdistancefromme to myself,

The ability to feelandb r e a t h e myself is

Just__out of my reach.

It's like a_ rum_ble between point a and b.

This side is clear,


and that side,

is [veiled.

Little did i know YOU were my coherence.

You fill me with thought, feelings, mellow music and hope.

Hope is a dangerously inappropriate weapon.

But see, this hope leaves me be how I've always known to be.

Without you I'dhavetogiveuponlove,

Take a bre_athtoexistand be far from myself.


Because withoutyouIwill give


~love - hope~

and move


To be,

The unbreakablyprecious: ME.

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2 comentarios

It's a very nice read.

Me gusta

07 jun 2020

10 points to Gryffindor for wit beyond measure. :)

Me gusta
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