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Dance of the Infinity

Maybe one day,

when we're both merged with this earth,

one with the sands washed ashore,

We will rise up again.

With the heat,

into clouds whiter than the heaven within.

A promise of togetherness in all forms;


Roaring with the desire to merge together again,

burst forth onto the earth in a million raindrops.

Singing the sweet song of reunion.

Individual in the form we take,

separated in our temporary bodies,

but conjoined at the source.

Quivering towards the earth, eager to reunite,


I will choose to fall on the leaf that touches you;

So that we merge on a bed of green once again,


a pregnant raindrop,

and fall forth onto our one true maker,

one big leap,

one sphere of love and lust and forever,

one single nourishing source of life,

and the earth will rejoice in our dance of the infinity.

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