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Before the night


I cannot move,

Mosquitoes, cautious at first,

Now revel in the undisturbed feast.

While the power of curious blankness

Uproots me into a diffident world.

Scarce, but for the solitary light

Pulsating in its midst.

Curious darkness touches this light

But no shadows form,

For form is absent and shadows need

But a body to latch on.

I myself am a part of the light and darkness both,

While I exist in neither,

For I’m all but me.

In an immeasurable yet long moment,

I can feel my breath again,

Calm air, moves off its own accord,

And the imperceptible nothing is what defines my existence.

My hand swats away the intrusive predators,

And transient red mountains remain,

Where they sought their sustenance.

And as sudden as the immobility staked claim,

So does movement,

Both within and without the mind,

And I awaken yet again to another chosen day,

That I must live

Before I awaken to the night.

Do you also feel like you’re immobilized sometimes? Just that you can’t move, you can’t even figure out how! And so u lie there, waiting for the mosquitoes to bring respite from the silence that weighs in on you. And just as it comes it goes and this is the cycle you’re soon left bewildered by, yet escape as reality strikes!

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