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A Pensive Selenology

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

A divine full moon shines on tonight,

Seems closer, fuller, resplendent.

It lights up my little terraced room, so bright;

Circles of smoke, white against the stark night,

Effervesce together, merging into the cool air.

This moon reminds me of you, so gorgeous, so stunning,

If you stare long enough, it creates a space within you.

Visible even through closed eyes,

A bright circle at the center of the vision,

a light that refuses to die even in the mind.

I gaze to my right, my eyes still carrying the image of the moon;

They rest on you.

Oh, sweet slumber, dreams of another world in your smile.

A little hazy, like the smokescreen around us.

I miss your warmth, even a few feet apart.

Your face is marked with creases, each fold has memories tucked in,

Your half-smile brings about more craters,

Tiny bird's feet dance around your eyes,

Here now; gone in a moment;

A moment that lasted us a lifetime.

It's a pity I can only see a part of you,

For the depths you carry within reach out and leave curious shapes on your face.

Some nights I can barely see you,

In some, you're a mere shadow.

Such strikingly clear moments are few;

Where I can almost touch the depth of each crease.

I'm in love with the dense smoke now surrounding my vision of this moon,

It's my own personal fog,

Dense as snow, slowly dissipating in the still dark,

The vision transcends to the ephemeral.

Some visions forever make a mark.

Tonight the tides must be wild,

wild with the joy of seeing their moon in its full glory.

It's curious how love survives a million miles,

and yet the tides reach higher and higher,

attempting to one day touch the face of a loved one,

but failing to - crashing far and wide,

Resonating the rhythm of your sigh;

Spreading truth of a union forever etched in spirit.

My heart aches with the beauty of it all,

A solitary tear of abundance brought forth from my soul.

Maybe the water in me feels the gravity too,

and is surging out, filling the ever solitary hole.

For a sight of the maker.

Oh dear, would you not show me more?

Stories of the darkness, the other side that barely sees the light.

I've moved in circles and traveled to the far ends of life,

but never glanced upon your strife.

Such beauty moves something in me from within,

It stirs curiosity at the core of my being.

Maybe I will have to wait for the limbo,

between this life and another.

To feel you,

Body and soul;

Truth, behind the stoic beauty, uncover.

You stir, one eye shut, another barely open;

beckon me to your side.

Your beautiful face framed in the moonlight,

The only view that soothes my aching soul,

Time to call it a night.

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Amazing work!!


Beautifully written! "heart aches with the beauty of it all". True that!

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