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A bridge's paradox


To connect,

Yet between that which is gone

And that which arrives,

Lies fear.

What torments you, old soul?

Premonitions of the past

Or reminiscence of the future?

For what was, isn't what is.

Yet what could be,

still, could be.

Comfort is strange

Derived from the cloaks of shadows known,

A cold embrace means more

Than a warmly tender smile.

Yet shadows, don't exist in this realm

Except for as prisoners

To our chained mind.

Bridges built by fear,

Don't allow passage.

For weak, they sway at the slightest wind,

Fragile, they crumble at a run

And below lies bottomless abyss

And death in fear,

Births fear.

Aaah, a Greek tragedy.

This fear today,

Sparks the hope that was deemed dead.

And hope chooses to fly.

Hope chooses to take flight,

Develop wings or die trying;

But then, death seldom visits those,

That don't carry the stench of unresolved pain.

Without the bridge,

There's only the tightrope of courage.

As above so below

As within, so without,

The secret of alchemy and magic

Lies in the belief of the first step.

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2 comentarios

28 abr 2021

Belief in the 1st step which matters.

Me gusta
Aishwarya Jayal
Aishwarya Jayal
03 may 2021
Contestando a

Thank you Semit. :)

Me gusta
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