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The sound of a packet rustling,

A crack, like the mellowed thunder

Of a sudden but faraway storm.

Continued crackle,

It’s like a jumble of jazz music

Lost in the instruments of metal.

It evokes desire,

Somewhere deep within,


Almost carnal but not quite.

Hardcore desire,

Nothing but the smell of salt and spice,

The sound of a crunchy bite,

Oh, the anticipation!

Much fidgeting,

Almost like the anxious strum of fingers

While a drink is poured.


So much haste to consume!

Fingers slipping on the slippery wrapper.

The agony!

So teeth come to the rescue,

Tugging with conviction;

hunger and pleasure peak in animalistic tear!

Oh the rapture of rupture!

The tear as loud as the rumble of bodily desire!

And the scent,

Oh the overpowering scent of

Salty, spicy, oily air!

Mouth wet with desire.

With the thought of the impending crunch!

Ah! The anticipation!

And then,

The first crunch.

Oh it’s an assault to the heightened senses.

Eyes close in soft pleasure of fulfilled anticipation.

And the crunch gets softer until it’s mere cud.

And the first swallow,

Of tangy, lightly spiced potato wafers.

Each wafer a slice of heaven.

And each crunch a lasting affirmation of pleasure.

Till then end,

And then - the taste of soiled fingers.

Till all that remains is just a clean cover.

And then scrunching the cover,

To aim for the bin;

And it landing perfectly.

Ah! The epitome.

Pleasure has its own tone!

Should I go for another one?

We’re all a weird people! The things that excite, entrance and titillate us are quite weird and varied. This led to the term - ASMR - autonomous sensory median response - being coined to represent all those weird sensations that tingled pleasantly at the most unassuming sensory stimuli. Some most common ASMR triggers include whispering (oh who doesn’t like a soft whisper), Tapping, physical touch (even a simple brush with the hand at the hair dressers), light, roleplay (little surprise here), and watching strangers stuff themselves with food, or as it is more colloquially recognized - Mukbang. And where is the birth of this perverse, unnatural pleasure source? Is it even real? How can u measure the pleasure it departs? The most common effect of an ASMR is calm, relaxation and mental dopamine - so then the question must be asked, is it some sort of a sensory drug? So many questions, all open, some interesting answers prompted me to write the prose in slides - with a specific sensation I admit I love (as a food fanatic) - the entire process of devouring chips/wafers. What’s ASMR for you?

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