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6/7ths old

Ah, is it really you?

My long lost friend of countenance!

Time hath passed, and is weary now;

And this once rich soul, lives on pittance.

It is I, for there can be no error,

Of judgement or sight past;

Burdens borne and loads shed,

Yet the end brings me here at last.

Do you remember how we frolicked,

As young child with only dirt to build?

Ah, wretched raven of time,

Hath taken the humor guild.

I am but the living fragment,

You thought a juvenile shadow and cast apart.

And humor today, finds me still;

While dirt will soon do us part.

Oh, haven't you grown younger,

Since we had to part ways?

I do hope you would forgive me,

I knew no better than giving into this world's ways.

I have befriended time,

Devoid of existence in your stead,

Forget you have, forgive what you could not

Yet today, it regurgitates, as your body turns to lead.

Will you stay with me this time?

I promise not to squander again,

For if I hadn't, oh if I hadn't;

I'd be not the empty urn of bane.

I will forever be with you,

Lives will be birthed and lost.

Till you choose to be with me.

Warmth within you, will lay still as frost.

For I am but you,

Without the sweet taste of all the world claims to be;

And when you have had your fill,

We shall reunite to be me.

Picture Credits: Tom Hussey "Reflection" series on Pinterest.

What did you leave behind and what do you choose to carry forth? As children, we are mere putty. Pieces of all that’s nascent, that’s the truth, nakedness Is funny and devoid of any judgement or shame as is our wonder or love. As we grow up and take consciousness- which we gather from those around us, layers develop and we let go of the innocent babe that was filled with wonder for the seemingly together, well functioning adult filled with constant fear and anxiety. But when we’re old we become more like children, do we not? Strange how unfettered ignorance and acceptance are the only keys to unlock soul simplicity. What you know not, you can’t fear, what you know well, you won’t fear. It’s only the in-between that cripples you to conformity. And death being the last step or the first depending on your perspective: brings about the shift of truth. The piece in slide is a conversation between an old man reminiscing with the part of him he cast away and thus remained young till death.

Title reference: Many cultures believe that humans have 7 lives, these 7 lives known by many different names - sharing one of these for your reference: The Infant, The Learner, The Explorer, The Lover, The Achiever, The Giver, The Transcendence. (Maybe the old soul in this prose, is now tired of the world, having lived its present life as a giver and is ready to birth into the final leg of its journey and proceed into transcendence.)

How old are you?

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