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Premium Leather Store

Crocodiles and cows,

Put together into neatly arranged rows.

Please do not touch”

“Please do not feed

Reads the tag below the enclosures.

Moving around in brilliant coats,

Shining in the sun created by another man.

One silently gazing,

As if to size you up.

Another chewing on with a lazy gaze,

Mildly curious, but vastly unconcerned.

Curious, how rarity appeals the sight.

Intriguing, how it ignites mighty possession.

And now for our most exclusive exhibit,

By invite only”

Words used sparingly,

For sight is enough to spark perverse desires.

An immeasurable pride,

Like the multitude of lions 2 doors past;

Overflows, within a single soul.


Beautiful, exquisite, untouched, naked, raw.

Orange-pink hues of the golden hour,

Shining on their multi colored skins like diamonds.

Some look on silently,

Frozen, as if to size you up.

Others gaze lazily, mid-activity,

Mildly curious, but vastly unconcerned.

No fear marring the beautifully preserved faces,

For their fate is oft created by the greed of man.

Exhibits detailing their lineage,

And the stamp of time to mark their most coveted attribute - age.

For in the ripeness of youth, their taut skin stretches well.

Too young, and not worthy.

Too old, and not desired.

“This way please for orders

And off privilege goes to order.

“Custom made,

and hand crafted for your use.”

*15% of all proceeds go to related charities.

The business of doing good to others while satisfying self.

Ah! Is this heaven?

Premium Leather Store

Reads the sun-gold embossed sign;

_Live, until you own it._

Dystopian World or Twisted Fan Fiction?

Picture Credits: Sourced from actual products of the brand "Ed Gein" currently selling on Etsy. Google Ed Gein for a gruesome surprise in time for Halloween!

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