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Circular Rainbows

Some water laced with soap,

sticky, frothy;

Most unlike water,

for it holds its form;

and it can trap air too,

Water's unrequited love.

But what's unnatural,

naturally un-exists soon.

For now, the bubble floats.

Air takes on the nature of water,

Bubble floats, for water cannot fly.

Birthed of forced air and stuck water,

Many spew forth in a single breath.

It looks like hope,

bubbles in air, something out of nothing.

Where there's hope, there's light.

And when water's lit, it creates rainbows!

And so each bubble is a rainbow,

scented, watered, air floating through itself.


Circular rainbows dancing in sunlight.

But what's unnatural,

cannot exist in this realm.

And so some bubbles immediately lose their form,

to merge with air,

a breath merging into another.

Others ride the waves of the soft air,

tempt the sunlight;

before they kiss the ground to merge with the earth.

And then are those that go the farthest,

They rise up for a while,

Hope keeping the onlooker on tenterhooks.

Careful! lest the Sun's light blind you,

when you aim to follow the rainbows.

But what we always knew,

Is wiped out by hope.

The reality that this flight can only descend.

And as the bubble descends,

heavier than the air that birthed it;

tired of existing where it didn't belong.

So do our hearts.

Incredible how momentary hope disintegrates into infinite insanity.

And we try to force more air at it,

Anything to keep it afloat.

But it only descends faster.

And moved from its natural path,

collides with another's hand,

to burst.

And stuck in infinity,

We sigh -

"Oh, it would have floated on forever, if not for the hand!"

And now our eyes will carry forth the circular rainbow,

As we gaze towards the blinding sun.

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1 Comment

Great use of bubbles as a metaphor for Hope/Dreams. Only point of difference in my opinion - bubbles are doomed to be ephemeral but our hopes and dreams can self-sustain or even be cyclical sometimes :). Amazingly written though!

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