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Blue Sun

Blue Sun, Why are you so cold?

What are days if not sunshine through windows,

Warm, beckoning,

Sunflowers move to the call of their love.

But a love, that's laid bare,

Existing in the eternal loop of today,

Is often overshadowed for that which is hidden

Within the sweet smell of the rose,

And the part visible moon.

It's this love, that led us here.

Love with a twist of challenge,

As if to justify the complexity of our feelings for it.

The love of the eternal tomorrow,

Not the real today.

Coexistence of reality and love,

too powerful for our fragile souls to comprehend.

And here we came.

Promise of a saved lifetime.

The very soil runs red with the fire that the Sun lacks.

But it's cold,

Maybe then color isn't all it ought to be.

Or maybe in this reality, colors metamorphose.

Air too feels heavy,

Weighed down by the eternally infused blue.

Breaths paced,

The life-force in abundance is rationed in this carefully crafted reality.

Sun, my love,

Years spent etching you on my Canvas,

Rays reaching out to the corners of my imagination.

You're blue now.

It's the distance, that turns you colder.

Or maybe I'm heavier now,

Closer to a soil that has already taken on the color of my blood.

Or maybe it's the air.

Somethings change,

And once released, they morph your colors.

Are you yellow, Sun?

Or should my warmth now be blue?

For this is my truth now,

There's no brown and yellow.

The spectrum has reset to the primary red and blue.

Basics, like reality and love are too intricate to comprehend.

Blue Sun,

Worry not.

For I shall plant you some sunflowers.

And if their yellow fails to seek your blue,

Maybe they will then give way to the already blue daisies.

And the color of warm love,

Shall be one again.

Did you know that Sunsets are blue on Mars?

Image Courtesy: Nasa's endless explorations into the fabric of space

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1 commentaire

Amazing work! For me, the message that feelings and emotions adapts to new reality is so well captured in last two stanzas!

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